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Bat Walk, August 6th 2022

We met Ella from the Essex Bat Group who brought some bats with her that she was caring for, having been found injured and unable to fly properly. We saw two tiny Soprano Pipistrelles but the Common Pipistrelle she had unfortunately remained in hiding. Ella explained what bats we were likely to see and their habits and lifestyle before we set off with the bat detectors into the Park. We picked up several Common Pipistrelles along the hedges, and near the bridge Ella identified two Soprano Pipistrelles, the only ones of the night. A few more bats were detected along the way to the lake but when we eventually got to the lake, the detectors went mad with bats everywhere feeding over and around the lake. However, the feeding frenzy did not last long, and after around 15/20 minutes the bats had had their fill and moved off. After this we only picked up odd individual bats - all of which seemed to be Common Pipistrelles. Moving from the lake back to the main gates, we picked up a few more bats, but the big numbers had moved on. A very interesting and enjoyable night and it was nice to realise that the Park is home to lots of bats - far more than we realised.

Many thanks to Ella for coming out on a Saturday night and hopefully this is something we can do again in the future.

Bats - August 6th 2022

Some of the participants in the Bat Walk, 6th August 2022

Summary of sightings: Bats, 2 species:

Common Name Scientific Name Date Total Count Notes
Common PipistrellePipistrellus pipistrellus06/08/202227 My very rough estimate of bats detected on the night. 2 near the picnic tables, 2 from the boardwalk, at least 4 in the hedges to the bridge, 1 at the bridge, at least 4 along the hedge to the large oak tree, 2 at the large oak, estimate of 10 at the lake, and another 2 in the hedges on the way back to the main gates.
Soprano Pipistrelle Pipistrellus pygmaeus 06/08/2022 2 Just 2 detected in the hedgerow before the bridge.

For further information about bats, bat conservation, and related topics, please see the Essex Bat Group website.

Marttin Singleton