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New Management Arrangements for the Fishing Lake - updated April 2022

Basildon Borough Council has concluded a deal with S & A Watercraft Ltd to take over the management of four lakes that are owned by the Council, including the one at The Wick Country Park. More details of this new arrangement are presented below. For a high-level summary, please see the photos below:

Fishing - new arrangements Fishing - new arrangements

Price List and Regulations

The same price list applies to four lakes that are owned by Basildon Council and managed by S & A Watercraft Ltd: Gloucester Park, Lake Meadows, Northlands and The Wick Country Park. The price list can be downloaded here, and the regulations can be downloaded here.

If you have any concerns related to fishing in the Lake, please contact S & A Watercraft on 07949213354, which, we understand, is the number on the phone carried by the bailiff. Their Facebook page is at Or, if appropriate, call the Basildon Borough Council emergency contact number - 01268 533333.

Fish Stocks

Please note that the lake is primarily intended to be a wildlife habitat, but its management includes stocking with fish, and Fishing is permitted in accordance with the regulations - see below.

The lake at the Wick Country Park was originally stocked with bream, perch, roach, rudd and tench, and these stocks have now had over ten years to mature and establish. Other species may have subsequently been introduced, for example, carried to the lake as eggs stuck to the legs of visiting water fowl or waders.

Anti-Litter campaign - "Take-5"

Leaving litter on the banks of the lake, or, even worse. in the Lake, gets all Anglers a very bad reputation, and recently has been the cause of several complaints by Park visitors. Accordingly, the Angling Trust has recently (September 2020) launched a new campaign, known as the Anglers Against Litter Campaign, details of which can be found here. All Anglers at the Park should follow these guidelines on every visit, please.

Sharing your experiences

Why not share your Fishing experiences with us by sending the webmaster an email? We will then be able to share your successes (and "ones that got away"!) with others, via our "Visitors'Log".

Views of The Fishing Lake

FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture