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The origins of our Paws in the Park event - or simply PAWS as it has become known - can be traced back to a one-off event held in 2006 (see below). The 2006 event was a great success, and the following year it metamorphed into our first ever PAWS. It grew in ambition and scope year by year into our biggest annual event, but sadly, after our extremely successful PAWS 2017, we found ourselves too short of fit, able, and willing volunteers to organise and run another one. Maybe a new generation of enthused people will take up the baton and give new life to this amazing fun and enjoyable event, which used to attract hundreds of visitors each year?

Our Supporters

Our PAWS events would not have been the success that they have been without our numerous supporters, including:
Dogs Trust Website A charitable institution promoting dog welfare and dog re-homing, with a major centre on the outskirts of Wickford. We have heard it described as 'Wickford's own Battersea Dogs Home'
Hopefield Animal Sanctuary Website A charity based in Brentwood that cares for a great variety of unwanted, mistreated and sick animals.
Many Tears Animal Rescue Website A not-for-profit organisation specialising in rescuing breeding mothers from puppy farms.

PAWS 2017

Thank you to all those who came to PAWS on June 11th. We do hope that you all had as much fun as those of us involved in making it all happen. We offer our heartfelt thanks to our superb Judge, Linda, to the stall-holders, and to the large number of volunteers both on the day, and behind the scenes, who enabled it all to happen. A report on the day is available here. Additionally, an alternative view can be found in issue number 54 of our Skylarks Newsletter.

PAWS 2016

Thanks very much to everyone who came to the event on June 12th - show entrants, spectators, stallholders, our many helpers, and especially to our judge, Linda, and compere, Michelle.  Despite the rain we are regarding the event up as a great success!  A photo gallery from the day is now available on this page. A report on the event has been included in the August 2016 edition of the Skylarks Newsletter, which is available in here .

PAWS 2015

Thanks everyone for helping to make our 2015 event the best ever!!!! Many thanks to all participants and attendees on the day, who all contributed to making it what it was - a great family day out! We would like to offer a special vote of thanks to our stall holders and to our catering outlets, not to mention Linda, our judge, Michelle, our compère, and Chris, our 'sound system' manager. Without the support of our assistants it wouldn't have been possible to run this event. It was worth all the blood, sweat, and tears just to see all the smiling faces and exuberant dogs. Even the weather was perfect. The event has been covered by the Gazette.

We are pleased to note that positive comments have been posted on Wickford Streetlife ['Streetlife' has subsequently closed its operation], and on our FaceBook page.

A full report on the day can be found here, and further insight has been recorded in issue 46 of our Skylarks Newsletter.

PAWS 2014

You may wonder what is barking-ly loud, has hundreds of legs and all types of fur? You'd be right if you guessed The Paws in the Park event at The Wick Country Park on Sunday 8 June 2014.

A full report on the day can be found here, and further insight has been recorded in issue 42 of our Skylarks Newsletter.

EARLIER YEARS - 2007 to 2013

Reports are available only within the appropriate edition of our Skylarks Newsletter. Please click on the links below.

June 9th 2013 - issue 38; June 10th 2012 - issue 34; June 12th 2011 - issue 30; June 6th 2010 - issue 26; June 7th 2009 - issue 22; June 8th 2008 - issue 18; June 10th 2007 - issue 14;


In the early years since the Park was opened, in 2002, it was becoming apparent to the Friends that a small number of inconsiderate dog owners were spoiling the Park for everyone else, as a result of not clearing the pathways after their dogs, and / or allowing their dogs to run around out of control. A great idea was conceived by the Committee -"if you can't beat them, get them to join you!!!" Thus the idea of a Dog Awareness Day was developed, and it opened to the Public on June 4th 2006. Unfortunately, the only record of that day is a very brief, but also very positive, comment within issue 10 of our Skylarks Newsletter. From that early adventure into the doggy world, PAWS was born, and the rest, as they say, is history, as above.