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What, where, how, and when

This page tells you all about the Park itself - what it is, where it is, how to find your way around, and what you can do there. Note that the Park is owned by Basildon Borough Council, and day-to-day management of it is overseen by the Council's Parks and Countryside Services Team's staff. The Friends support the Council by promoting use of the Park (for example, by organizing (mostly) Free Events for the Public), by keeping the Pavilion Gardens neat and tidy, and by raising funds to help to improve the facilities at the Park.

Basildon Council's Biodiversity Officer

Basildon Borough Council has recently appointed a new Biodiversity Officer, Josh Childs. You can read an introductory conversation with Josh that has been reproduced from the Summer 2022 edition of Basildon our Borough by clicking here.

What is the Park?

Note that the Wick Country Park (WCP) is a country park, rather than a recreational park, so you will not find, for example, football or cricket pitches, but what you will find is an open space that comprises 50 acres of former agricultural land, which is now set out with over 2km of trails that lead you past old hedgerows, round and through wide open meadows, past the five acre lake, ponds, WW2 pillboxes, and comparatively recent woodland plantings. Bridges and board-walks allow the trails to continue over the North Benfleet Brook. Car parking and cycle racks are available all year round. Please note that cycling is not allowed in the Park. The WCP provides a haven for wild-life and a great area for outdoor pursuits, including walking, jogging, (responsible) dog-walking, kite flying, observing the plants and wildlife, fishing (but not during the close season), and more besides. For more details about the Park please read on and click on the links given as your interest takes you.

How to find the Park

The Park is located right on the edge of The Wick, Wickford, Essex. For detailed directions please click on Directions to the Park - updated on Monday, 22-May-2023 17:57:08 BST

Opening Times

The Park itself is always open for pedestrians - other than in the case of exceptional circumstances - but the main gates to the car-park are closed each evening at 7.30 p.m.; they are re-opened at approximately 8.00 a.m. each morning.

FoWCP Picture

How to find your way around the Park

You can access / download our map of the Park - by clicking here.

What can (and cannot) you expect to do and find in the Park?

Please visit this page - updated on Monday, 05-Sep-2022 10:04:17 BST, where you can find everything you could want to know about such things as car-parking, cycle racks, toilets, refreshments, and much, much more.

The Origins and Development of the Park

We sometimes forget that the Park only began to come into existence at the beginning of the Twenty First Century, but since then, much has changed as the various plantings and other developments have matured. Please read our article on the history and development of the Park to read about its evolution from former agricultural land.

Historic Finds

Whilst the groundworks for the Park were underway, some important historic relics were found, which you can read about on our Roman artefacts from The Wick Country Park page.

World War 2 Pill Boxes

Not quite as old as the Roman Artefacts, but nevertheless of huge interest to specialised historians - please see our article on The Park's World War 2 Pill Boxes.

The Park's Wildlife

The Park's plants and animals - updated on Thursday, 24-Nov-2022 18:25:41 GMT [This page is still under development - contributions much appreciated.....]


Please note that Fishing is by permit only (obtainable from the Council's on-site representative) and only during the permitted hours and during the 'Open' Season. Please visit this page for more details.

If you have enjoyed your visit to the Wick Country Park.........

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The Park Gallery - past photos taken around the Park (Updated July 2016)

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