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The WInter Walk

Thirteen members joined us for this walk, 11 of whom are included in the 'Group Photo' below. The context is that it had been very wet in the days leading up to this event, and it was a case of 'water, water everywhere'!

When we set off, shortly after 2 p.m., the sun had come out and it was a very pleasant and unseasonably mild day. When we reached the 'Boardwalk' / 'Alder Carr' area, evidence of all the rain was abundantly clear, as indicated by the second and third photos below. As we moved off the Boardwalk into the 'top field' we were able to admire the considerable improvement to the pathways that the Council had achieved during 2023 - picture 4. We turned right, and then round to the 'Middle Bridge' over the North Benfleet Brook, and into the 'Lake Field'. Seasoned visitors amongst us commented that they had never seen the Brook running so high - though it was within its banks. Pictures 5 and 6 illustrate.

We turned left towards the lake and encountered an unscheduled 'river' that was flowing off the field, over the path, and into the Brook. Picture 7 illustrates. By now the clouds had rolled over, and a few spits and spots began to fall. We debated whether to take the short-cut back to the Pavilion, but decided to press on. The water in the lake was at an incredibly high level. There was relatively little bird activity, but there was delight to note what appeared to be three potential breeding pairs of Canada Geese - picture 8 captures one of the pairs, at the far side of the lake. Here's hoping that a lot of goslings appear in the coming few months!

Shortly aterwards, the heavens opened, the camera had to be put away, and we completed the walk as quickly as we could.


The Mulled Wine and the mince pies were so incredibly welcome, as we tried to shake down, dry off a bit, and settle down for the AGM!


To see the Chair's report to the AGM, please click here

Here are some pictures from the day:

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