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The Skylarks 3K Race July 15th 2015

Our July Race, held on Wednesday 15 July 2015, was once again very popular. These races through our delightful Country Park are organised at the Park by members of the Pitsea Running Club. All proceeds after expenses go towards the further development of the Park. Many - but by no means all - of the entrants come from local Running Clubs / Groups, but we also see a significant number of 'unattached' runners, and this time we also had five power walkers.

'Team Eversley' - a group organised by one of the teachers at Eversley School, Pitsea - was prominent in the ranking list, and, indeed, the overall event winner, who was also the fastest man, was Sam Nigh, the teacher who organises the group. The School's headmistress - Penny Pepper - set a splendid example to the children by entering herself in the race, along with another of the teachers, Elaine Worrall.

The main category winners were:
  • Leading Male, and 1st overall - Sam Nigh (Team Eversley) - in a time of 10:30:00
  • Leading Boy, and 4th overall - Joe Payne (17), (Basildon AC) - in a time of 11:37:00
  • Leading Girl / Female, and 8th overall - Victoria Hiscock (17) (Benfleet Running Club) - in a time of 12:14:00
The full results can be viewed here. Including the five walkers, there were 80 entries, which is three more than the previous record number set in April this year. Chatting afterwards, some of the competitors were heard to comment how much they preferred running around the Park to the more normal road races, which can be a bit hard on the feet.

Both the Pitsea Running Club and the FoWCP organisers are extremely grateful for all the help on the day, with such tasks as registration, marshalling, and refreshments. Without this help, the event could not be held. We are especially grateful for the help from a group of teenagers from the National Citizens' Service, who helped with registration, and at the finish line, and provided the marshalling at two of the key points; the young marshalls not only cheered on the runners, they also ensured that nobody took an enticing-looking short-cut!

The three photos below show respectively:
  • the leading runners just after the start
  • the overall winner, Sam Nigh, at the prize-giving with primary organiser, Peter Bates, and FoWCP Committee Member, Chrissie Lee, and
  • three other competitors, who clearly very much enjoyed their evening in the Park!

FoWCP Picture Skylarks July 2015 FoWCP Picture Skylarks July 2015 FoWCP Picture Skylarks July 2015